Scuba Diver

scuba Diver

dive worldwide with an instructor

You don't have as much time on vacation as you would like? You want to take a smaller step towards diving for the time being? Or you feel a bit insecure and want to gain more experience while diving with a pro? Then the Scuba Diver is just right! Here you will gain more experience and learn a little more about the interrelationships of diving. Stress-free and relaxed within 2 days. Your Try Scuba or Basic Diver will be counted if it was done within the last 6 months.

dive 12 meters deep

At the beginning there is a detailed introduction to the equipment and the essential basics of diving. With the SSI App you can watch the Scuba Diver course at home or at the beach. Let's go! A great time underwater awaits you.

more than 2 days full of experiences

You slowly dive into a new and fascinating world. Everything sounds different, looks different and feels different. Almost weightless you float through the underwater world. A dream come true!

full service package

There are no hidden costs with us. We have developed an all-round carefree package for you, which includes everything from rental equipment to refreshing water after the dive.

free access to the ssi app

Download the free SSI app on your smartphone and benefit from many extras. For example, use the digital logbook to record your first dive forever.

course description

this is what your experience could look like

You can work through all SSI courses at home at your leisure, in a well-designed app or online. Your time and pace. Truly stress-free learning. Once you have registered with us for the course, we will give you all the links so you can register with SSI. Once you have entered all the necessary information, we can activate the course for you and you can start learning. This takes a lot of the time pressure off and helps you get involved with the course.
Your adventure starts at our center. Before each dive, we explain to you exactly what to expect. We will go through all the exercises and explain them to you in detail. Once all questions are answered, we prepare for the dives and off we go!
shallow water sessions
In 2-3 sessions at a maximum of 5 meters we will learn the elementary exercises that will help you to move safely and with a lot of fun under water. Be it blowing out the mask when water has entered, preparing the equipment or the first emergency drill. For us, practice does not mean ticking off, but learning, so that you feel comfortable and confident with the skills. We do not do exercises, but help you learn to dive. This is an essential part of our training philosophy.
1 dive
The first dive takes you already to a depth of up to 12 meters. You repeat here exercises that you have mastered in shallow water to always have them at hand. Of course we also take the time to explore our surroundings and do a great dive.
2 dive
After a detailed briefing, we prepare for the second dive. Here we will be happy to take you to one of the beautiful dive sites in the area. We repeat more exercises from the shallow water. In this way you already build up the first routines, which is an important goal of the course.
After the dives we have enough time to talk about the experience and to immortalize your dives in the digital logbook of the SSI App. After the shallow water session, there is also a test to check what you have learned from the theory.
course end
When you have successfully completed the course, you can proudly call yourself a Scuba Diver! Now you are allowed to go diving worldwide up to 12 meters with a professional instructor or assistant. You can upgrade your Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver at any time. Then only some exercises and two more dives are missing.
our training philosophy

With us you will be trained as a diver and not only get a license! We practice the exercises under realistic diving conditions, so that you will master them and dive with fun and safety.

safe diving and training

With our Instructor Trainer on staff, you can be sure that we are always on the cutting edge of modern dive training. All of our team are trained for emergencies. Oxygen and emergency kits and plans are always on hand.

our scuba diver package

scuba diver
1 person
€ 295/person
  • from 10 years
  • extensive introduction
  • complete rental equipment
  • 3 - 4 dives
  • 2 days
  • plus 95 Euro Certification and course material


"[...] she hasn't stopped talking about it since and she's now talking about finding a diving course or centre here in the UK!"
Corniel Quak
"I felt 100% safe at all times. I wish I could stay longer and do more dives with Sun & Fun, but I hope I will be come back soon."
Ray Caine
"My son, my mother, my father and I have just finished the most beautiful dive in Pegeia [...]".
Kylie Smith

€ 295

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