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discover the healthier way to dive

Since the mid-1990s, diving with nitrox has become increasingly popular. And with good reason. For us recreational divers it is a very good alternative to diving with normal compressed air. Less nitrogen = less risk of decompression sickness. This course is essentially an online course that will later qualify you to dive with a nitrox mix of up to 40%. What that means exactly, you will learn in this course.

learn all about the breathing gas mixture

With the SSI App you can watch the Nitrox course at home or at the beach. You also take the exam online. Relax at your own pace, even before your diving vacation. The way that suits you best And then it starts!

a theory unit

After you have read through the course, we will discuss the main points with you and make sure you have understood everything. We will show you, among other things, how to analyze an air mixture correctly. At the end of the course you are authorized to dive worldwide with Nitrox.

fair-price promise

Because our special courses are charged as a supplement to the diving packages, you also profit from the savings of the packages for your further education. With us, a lot of diving is rewarded!

free access to the ssi app

Download the free SSI app on your smartphone and benefit from many extras. Use the digital logbook to record your dives and always have your certifications digitally with you.

course description

this is what your experience could look like

You can work through all SSI courses at home, in a very well designed app or online. Your time and pace. Truly stress-free learning. Once you have registered with us for the course, we will give you all the links so you can register with SSI. Once you have entered all the necessary information, we can activate the course for you and you can start learning. This takes a lot of the time pressure off and helps you get involved with the course. You can also complete the exam online.
course end
When you have successfully completed the course, you can proudly call yourself a Nitrox Specialist! You now know what to look for, how to analyze and label a tank, and also what to look for when using nitrox.
entitlements after the course
You are now allowed to dive worldwide with Nitrox. You can plan and execute your dives with a mixture of up to 40%. The Nitrox course is the basis for all further courses in which you use Nitrox, such as the entire Extended Range track, i.e. technical diving.
our training philosophy

With us you will be trained as a diver and not only get a license! We practice the exercises under realistic diving conditions, so that you will master them and dive with fun and safety.

safe diving and training

With our Instructor Trainer on staff, you can be sure that we are always on the cutting edge of modern dive training. All of our team are trained for emergencies. Oxygen, emergency kits and plans are always on hand.

our nitrox specialty package

nitrox specialty
1 person
  • from 10 years
  • extensive introduction
  • digital learning
  • state of the art course materials
  • theory unit
  • plus 79 Euro training material and certification


"[...] she hasn't stopped talking about it since and she's now talking about finding a diving course or centre here in the UK!"
Corniel Quak
"I felt 100% safe at all times. I wish I could stay longer and do more dives with Sun & Fun, but I hope I will be come back soon."
Ray Caine
"My son, my mother, my father and I have just finished the most beautiful dive in Pegeia [...]".
Kylie Smith

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